Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Things

I don't often have the opportunity to photograph wildflowers, or at least wildflowers as I think of them.  They just aren't prolific in south Florida.  When I stumbled upon this little patch on the island one morning I knew I would return for pictures.
Wildflowers are always bright and cheerful don't you think?  These were no exception.

I don't know their name.  I should look it up, shouldn't I?  But I probably won't.  I am content to enjoy their sunny disposition in ignorant bliss.

I especially like this more untraditional image.  D usually scoffs when I attempt to make "art" with my work.  He is such a traditionalist.  After all a picture of a flower should look like a flower.  But I like to experiment and sometimes the results please me.  This one pleases me.

It was a serendipitous find that small patch of wildflowers growing in unlandscaped abandon on our manicured island.

Just the right thing to brighten up a Wednesday morning.

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