Monday, February 15, 2010

The Magical World of Disney

I have taken a little unplanned hiatus from the blogosphere. I realize that most of you will have a hard time believing this but I ran out of things to say. Hopefully the drought is over...the bubbas arrive tomorrow which should provide sufficient blog material through the middle of March.

A week ago we were part of the entourage that accompanied our little prince and princess to the Magical World of Disney in Orlando. It was three fun filled days with family which included Pop and Ma Maw.

We rode Dumbo and the Tea Cups; Peter Pan's Adventure and Pirates of the Caribbean. We streaked through the air on Space Mountain and rocked out on the Rockin Roller Coaster.

We met the Disney princesses...ALL of them. Belle was playful, tickling Allie on the nose with her feather pen.

Jasmine and Aladdin also managed to tickle a smile out of our shy girl.

Gabe on the other hand, was not impressed with the abundance of royalty that danced and flitted around the room during brunch with the princesses. He was much more interested

in spearing the "Wishing Star" with his new sword. In his eyes it made the entire trip worthwhile.

Our meet and greets was not limited to royalty. We ran into Micky and Minnie, Jiminey Cricket, Goofy and Pluto.

And while Allie was all eyes, absorbing the magic in big gulps and tiny snippets, this little guy was a trooper. He napped his way through It's a Small World and the pouring rain, smiled at passers by, and never shed a tear of frustration or anger. We should all be so accommodating.

It was a magical week in spite of the less than desirable temperatures. Our shorts and sandals remained in the suitcase replaced with jeans, sweatshirts and rain ponchos.

But at the exhausted end of the day it didn't matter. All that mattered was that our little prince and princess were dreaming sweet dreams of pirates of the Caribbean, Micky Mouse and

Happily Ever After.


Terri said...

What wonderful photos and memories from such a special trip with your little prince and blessed they are to have such a talented grandma!!

Audrey said...

I'm glad you're back - thought maybe you were cruisin' again after Disney! And I hope you have warm weather for the bubbas! With all the snow up north I'm sure they're looking forward to it.