Saturday, May 18, 2013

Not Quite Ready For Prime Time


Did you think I forgot about you?  Got lost on the way north?  Or worse yet, that The Kid got tired of my chatter and left me stranded and alone on the side of the road?

Fortunately none of the aforementioned took place. (Although it was touch and go for awhile on the stranded and alone on the side of the road scenario. It is a long drive from Florida to Pennsylvania.)  We arrived at the lake two weeks ago, hit the ground running, and haven't yet come up for air yet.

We found Little Red all grown up but not quite ready for prime time.  I can tell you that she is beautiful.  Darn near perfect.  Her new rooms flow well and have added the storage space we so desperately needed.  She retains enough of the old to maintain the charm that grabbed hold of my heart three years ago yet she is clean and bright and warm and cozy and very much updated.


I love her.

And now the fun begins.  The walls were left primed as I have a difficult time choosing paint colors from a distance.  Thus I have had a paint brush in hand almost every day for two weeks.  I'm not finished yet, but making progress.  Also the yard is a MESS.  There is a 20 foot radius of dirt and debris around the house that we are in the process of grading and raking in preparation for seed and straw.  Hopefully that task will be completed before next weekend.  There are big plans for the exterior but unfortunately no funds  to execute those plans immediately.  Walkways and patios will be added over the next few summers, which means those plans will be revised and changed numerous times before they are finished.

I promise pictures will be forthcoming once I get the last of the paint on the walls and the remainder of our things moved down from the barn where they have been stored for the past eight months.  It's all in the details people.

Details take time.

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Audrey said...

Yes they do! Enjoy.