Monday, July 28, 2014



June 21, 1918 - July 19, 2014

Last week we said good-bye to our beloved Bubba.  

Simply put she was a great lady whose life of service to others reached far beyond the bounds of her large and growing family. 

She was a believer in the virtue of volunteerism.  The hours she logged at the local office of the Red Cross and community hospital auxiliary are a testament to that fact.  She was awarded Volunteer of the Year by both organizations.  

Recently we came across the smock she wore while working at the hospital.  The pin that was attached to the breast had been awarded for 4,500 hours.  Can you imagine?  4,500 volunteer hours logged in for one organization and that is only the half of it.  We have no idea how many hours she served at the Red Cross which was her organization of choice.  A life of service indeed.

What I will remember most about Bubba is her zest for life.  She lived each day to the fullest and was always up for anything.  She played on a softball team in her sixties, went boogie boarding at the beach in her 70's, jet skiing in her 80s.  And as the 60 plus members of her family gathered on Saturday the stories began to unfold.  They were many and varied and all told with a laugh, a smile and whole lot of love.  A true testament to the woman she was.

I never her knew her to be sad or depressed.  Life was too short for that.  

She will be missed...always.


Audrey said...

A lovely and loving tribute. Thinking of all of you in deepest sympathy for your loss and wishing you comfort in your wonderful memories.

ERG said...

I'll miss her great sense of humor and how she always told me I was too thin :)

Ashtin said...

I miss her and will always think of her at family get togethers. She welcomed me from the start and we could always just talk. I enjoyed conversations with Bubba and how she would crack jokes and how she always got my sense of humor while others (much younger) would sit there with a blank stare on their face. She was so fun to be around and I enjoyed knowing her from 90 on. I will always be motivated by her love for life. There are so many good thing to say about her and no good place to end it on. I love hearing stories about her from her children and family members.

Grammy said...

My mom!! A great lady!! I miss you mama!!