Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'll Take That


It is rare that we utilize the air conditioning at Little Red for more than an afternoon here and there.  Usually when the sun begins to set the temperature dips right along with it.  Summer nights are most often spent with the windows open and a light cover on the bed.  Not this summer, or more specifically not the past few weeks.

But that is in the past.  For now.  Yesterday a cold front blew across the lake.  It didn't bring us much rain, which we desperately need, but it did bring cooler air.  I'll take it.

In other news, it's fair week in our little town.  On Tuesday evening I participated in the 2nd Annual Fair Week 5K and am proud to report my walking buddy and I finished dead last!  There were a couple of stragglers behind us who apparently gave up the ghost somewhere along the course allowing us sole ownership of last place.  I'll take that too.  I'm not proud.

My little garden is in it's last throws of productivity.  There are a few stunted tomatoes clinging to life on shriveled plants.  I'm a positive thinker and I'm clinging to the hope that they will eventually ripen and move onto my lunch plate in the form of a BLT.  Yes I'll take that too.  And enjoy every bite.


JIM said...

Long time standing! What's new?

JIM said...

That bench must really be heavy? It's taken 4+ months to move it home!