Monday, November 2, 2009

What Happened to Halloween

Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Believe it when I tell you my love of Halloween had little to do with the costume and everything to do with the chocolate! In those days trick or treaters received full sized candy bars, caramel apples and home made popcorn balls. Old pillowcases served as carrying cases for the goodies and grew cumbersome from the weight of the haul as the evening wore on. Yes, those were the good ole days.

But the craziness of today's world put an end to home made treats, and the chocolate bars have shrunk to bite size teasers. Ghosts and goblins have given way to more trendy costumes and trick or treating now takes place in car trunks and shopping centers. However, one thing remains a constant...the children.

We had our own twist on Halloween at the studio/gallery on Saturday evening. We had a basket over-flowing with candy and offered a quick pumpkin decorating craft for those with an artistic bent. (You didn't really think you could trick or treat in an art gallery and not do something artistic did you?)

Below is a quick look at the assortment of creatures that entered our humble abode on Halloween night.

I don't know about you, but I think she should stick to putting paint on canvas!

The Ninja stare down. (Did you get a load of that dimple?)

Right back at you Spidey.

This little "Pirette" was one of the most beautiful little girls I have seen in a long time. My photo does not do her justice. (I hate using flash, it ruins the shot.) Trust me when I tell you she will be swatting away the boys like flies in a few years with that gorgeous smile and those amazing dark eyes.

This little one reminded me of Allie and Gabers and made me wish I was spending Halloween in SC. On second thought, they had the flu. Halloween on Marco was just right.


Audrey said...

Looks like it was a fun night! I also LOVE Halloween - but the road we live on is not very conducive to trick-or-treating so we usually have only a handful of kids, if any - much to my husband's disappointment. Looks like the gallery was a good place to be.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to celebrate Halloween. I think the studio is proving to be addictive. What was your Halloween project that had so many different ages interested? Next you'll have your camera hooked up to an instant printer so every lucky person can have a copy!