Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is It Wrong

Is it wrong to purchase fabric to recover a chair that one does not yet own?

I think not.

The Kid, not so much.  Quite honestly I believe that he believes that with this little purchase I plunged over a very dangerous cliff.  Never. To. Return.

Perhaps he is correct.

It happened several weeks ago on a shopping foray with the design team.  We found ourselves perusing the cluttered shelves of a discount fabric store in Erie.  On my radar that fateful day was fabric to make cushions for our dining room chairs.  I spied the perfect candidate almost upon entering the building.  My day was over.  Or so I thought.

After wandering the cluttered isles for an hour and giving unsolicited advice to the remaining members of the D-team my eyes were drawn to a far corner of the room.  Hidden beneath stripes and florals and bathed in a golden glow it called to me.  Seriously,  I swear I heard harps playing as I slowly approached that golden light.

Really I did.

It didn't take long to drag the bolt out of the corner and spread it lovingly on the cutting table for a closer look.

It was perfection.

A beautiful blue, embossed denim that would be just right for the new chair in the sun room.

New chair?

What new chair?

The fact that I didn't own a new chair, or even an old chair, did nothing to deter me.  Especially when I discovered that only eight yards remained of the denim dream, and if I purchased the entire eight yards I could have it for a mere $6.50 a yard.

Who could resist?

Certainly not me.

Which brings me to the place I have been for the past two months, hording fabric for a chair I did not own.


Until yesterday.

to be continued.


Judy H. said...

Glad you are back and I am looking forward to a picture of your beautiful chair.

Audrey said...

You gotta buy it when you see it - most especially when it is such a good deal! Can't wait to see the chair.

Also glad you are back!