Monday, July 15, 2013


Perseveration (vb: to perseverate) refers to insistent or redundant repetition.

There is a pair of robins flitting around Little Red this summer attempting to build a nest and start a family.  On the surface it appears to be a natural state of affairs.  However there is on little problem... their selection of building sites.
The first nest was erected beneath the trailer deposited on our property by the neighbor assisting with the installation of our new yard.  We joked that unbeknownst to the loving couple they had erected a mobile home.  One that unceremoniously drove off one bright sunny day leaving our love birds in the lurch.
Disappointed but undeterred our pair selected a new site, the wheel well of The Kid's red jeep. 
The Kid, unaware of the homesteaders also drove off one afternoon leaving in his wake another shattered home.  This time broken bits of blue were visible in the rubble.  We were crushed.  
But the persistent pair were undaunted and soon got back to work rebuilding their nest... in the same location.  We thought we caught this one in time removing the nest before eggs could be laid.  No such luck.  Two tiny blue eggs had already been placed in the bed of straw.  We were home wreckers once more.
The Kid took to parking the Jeep in the barn in an effort to encourage the pair to move along.  And move along they our other vehicle.
For the past three weeks it has been a war of wills between the robins and the humans.  Every day we remove the straw beginnings of a nest and every evening they return and begin again.  
Over and over and over again. 
We have now resorted to placing aluminum foil on top of our tires in a last ditch effort to deter them.
Perseveration:  insistent or redundant repetition.
We can't decide if the pair is learning disabled or just plain stubborn.  

Either way I guess the least I could do is thank them for the addition of a new word to my vocabulary.

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