Friday, November 21, 2014

A Very Good Week (Almost)

It has been a very good week.

Except for the silver fish...

And the sleep number mattress that will no longer hold air...

And the wash cloths that I purchased that really aren't wash cloths and must be returned....


Oh right, this is about a very good week.  Maybe I should start over.


It has been a very good week.

The bedroom is painted.

New carpet has been ordered.

I went to the mother of all yard sales on the island last weekend.  Great finds...for cheap!  The best kind.

We celebrated the successful completion of "spa treatments" with good friends.

And received continued positive updates on the health of another.

Perhaps the best news of all...Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  It is my favorite holiday, and will be spent with the people I love most in this world.

Leaving NC this afternoon with Miss A and the G-Man.  Pointing the car north towards the cottage and colder weather.  Looking forward to a weekend with these two all to ourselves before Mom & Dad and Uncle Chris arrive next week.

Something tells me next week is going to be a good one too.

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Audrey said...

Have a wonderful weekend - and Happy Thanksgiving! Tyler arrives home tomorrow. He was freezing in FL when it was in the 50s. Ha!