Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Under Budget And Ahead of Schedule


Recently The Kid informed me that it might be time to take a look at "freshening up" our southern bedroom.  The carpet is showing its age.  The comforter shrunk several years ago leaving the mattress exposed.  The bedside lamps were too small.  And if I were to be honest, the bathroom paint color really did not blend well with the tile.  Bottom line...the room is tired.

He did not have to tell me twice that it was time for an update.  He had me at a you can go ahead and spend a little cash kind of way.  I was all in.

It was all about the bedding.  I knew that nothing else could move forward until I found the right comforter.  The one that said light, airy, salt and sand without seashells, palm trees or hibiscus blossoms.  I also wanted color.  Because, well I'm all about color.  Oh, and I didn't want to break the bank in the process.

The task at hand was daunting.  I searched high and low.   Scoured the Internet for hours on end.  Like Goldilocks in the land of the three bears, my findings were either too bold, too drab or too corny.  No just right.  Frustration began to seep in around the edges of my enthusiasm.

And then late one afternoon, the seas parted and there it was, hiding deep in the bowels of some now forgotten on line mega store.  My heart skipped a beat.  The colors were perfect. They screamed light, airy, sun, salt and sand.  There was nary a Palm tree insight. was a close out.  The price was perfect.  

I held my breath and took a closer look. That is when the wind beneath my wings ceased to blow and I came crashing down to earth.  It was a close out.  Kings were no longer in stock.  I was crushed.  My enthusiasm for the project shattered into a million pieces. The pity party had begun.

And then the light bulb came on.  If one store carried this perfect for me bedding ensemble then surely there must be others.  Close out or not.  The search began again, in earnest.  And then I found it.  Lost in the bargain basement of Macy's on line, on page 256,  buried beneath Tommy Bahama and Martha Stewart.  My joy hath no bounds.

It arrived on Monday.

It is perfect.

And I?

Am under budget and ahead of schedule.

Anybody up for a little shopping?

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Audrey said...

Success!! Is there going to be a reveal of this make over???