Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where The Wild Things Are


It has been a "wild" summer here at Little Red.

There have been sightings of the usual: wild turkey, white tail deer, the occasional bald eagle and of course a multitude of little hummers who dart in and out of the feeders with such regularity we have considered initiating adoption proceedings.

In addition to the usual, this summer has been marked by the unusual.

It started in June with the fox.  Neighbors began reporting spotting red fox on the lane, mostly in the early evening hours.  The sightings grew more frequent along with reports that chickens and ducks were disappearing from hen houses and ponds in the general vicinity.  It culminated after dinner one evening when Henna sounded the intruder alarm.  She was raising such a ruckus that a thorough investigation was prudent.  That's when I discovered not one, not two but seven red fox of various ages and stages frolicking in the meadow behind our barn.  They are beautiful creatures with deep rusty red red coats, bushy tails tipped in white and upright ears always on alert.  I quietly watched their play until eventually the family grew tired and headed into the woods for the night.  After that evening the fox sightings waned and we assume they eventually moved on.

And then there are the screechers.  The crazy hawks that hang out in the massive tree in the same meadow screeching and swooping and raising such a ruckus you would think we were under attack.  This can go on for hours, a hawk frat party run amuck.  It is fun to watch but ear protection is advised.

The latest visitor(s) to the BAA is a bit more concerning.  It keeps to the cover of darkness venturing out only after dark when the neighborhood quiets and activity ceases for the day.  It leaves behind its calling card as a reminder that we live in an area where animals of all sizes roam wild and free.  What is it you ask?  There's bahr in them thar woods!

Bear scat has been spotted on several occasions and locations in the meadow behind the barn.  At first near the woods but once as close as the front porch retaining wall at our neighbors to the south.  It is most likely a black bear that has found an abundant food source in nearby woods and corn fields. The most recent evidence was detected beneath the old pine tree just yards from our barn.

On one level I would love to see it.  Watch it lumber along in all of its bear glory doing its bear thing. Have a photo session.  A conversation.  Invite it to dinner.

On second thought, maybe not.

I think I will just keep an eye out for its calling card and be satisfied knowing one of God's great creatures has paid a visit to Little Red.

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Audrey said...

There have been 4 sightings of a bear in Heritage Village that I am aware of. Makes for a skittish walk in the woods with Cooper before bedtime - or anytime for that matter!!