Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The weekend following the 4th of July brought The Kid's little sis, her offspring and their offspring for a visit to the Little Red Cottage.  They were spending the week nearby in another cottage and descended upon us loaded down with a week's worth of leftovers and a fun loving spirit.

As a photographer one of my favorite subjects is children.  I can spend hours following quietly behind, observing their play and interaction with others and hopefully capturing a few good photographs along the way.  Photographs that capture their spirit and true sense of who they are as individuals.  Eventually they reach an age where they become much more aware of the camera and even more self conscious.  At this point for me the fun is over.  I think because it requires a lot more effort on my part to get them to relax and I'm just not as adept at that as a good portrait photographer should be.

On this day I was in hog heaven.  Four little subjects who, for the most part, could care less that I was there with a camera pointed in their direction.

First up is L, a strawberry lovin little man a little on the shy side.  L didn't stray too far from Mom while I was near.




Big sis A was much more of a ham.



It took a long lens and patience to catch this little actress lost in thought.


Cousin A is also a little on the shy side;


but is filled to near bursting with giggles that bubble over with the tiniest amount of encouragement.


And then there's little K.  The current baby of the group (two more are expected to arrive in early November), K was the easiest mark for me.


I ended up with the most usable photos of her mainly because she was oblivious to me and my camera.


She's also an adorable subject (as were they all).



Don't you agree?



Let's do it again soon, okay guys?


Tim Logan said...

Great pictures. They all look like little angels but don't know if that is the case.

Judy H. said...

Excellent! You caught some special memories of these little ones.

Marla Logan said...

Cute kiddos!!! I sure do miss you by the way!

Josh, Kylie, Aila and Liam said...

You don't have too much convincing to do. We had a great time and would love to do it again! The pictures of the kids are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful shots of some beautiful children. You are good!

Audrey said...

I need to take me some classes - these photos are wonderful! First, I need a camera!!!

robin said...

That was a great day!! My sister-in-law is an awesome photographer!! We had so much fun!!