Monday, August 15, 2011

A Photo Shoot

On Wednesday morning Pappy and Miss A went to town to do a little school supply shopping.  Pappy loves, loves, loves to shop for school supplies.  He always has.  He likes it so much that once our boys were grown he shopped for nieces, nephews, and strangers.  So it comes as no surprise that he would be more than willing to take his first born grandchild on this right of passage.  He's such a good school supply shopper that he even purchased the "change of clothes" listed on the sheet for emergencies.  Miss A was more than happy to pick her sweet self out a new outfit.

The G-man turned 3 years old on the 9th of July and it was determined a photo shoot was needed to document the occasion.  So while Pappy and Allie were otherwise occupied B & I headed for the woods  with G for some camera time.


This little man is such a ham bone.


We saw his serious GQ side,


his charming side,


and his much sillier side.


He posed.  He giggled.  He laughed out loud.  He even blew a few kisses my way.


All of this for the two Dum Dum suckers that were hidden in my pocket.


Hey, I never said I wouldn't stoop to bribery.

Happy Birthday G-man.  Three is a great age to be.


Bethany Patton said...

Cute pics Susan. He was such a good little guy for us.

chicken said...

that third picture down is can't convince me otherwise!!

Marla Logan said...

Sweet little man and very sweet pics! Love the one of him sitting holding the clover and the kiss!!

Emily said...

Great pictures of Gabe, he is such a ham. Emily is still talking about her day at the park with he and Allie. Also tell Uncle Doug if he really wants to go school supply shopping Emily is available.

robin said...

OMG!! These are so good!! It helps, I'm sure, to have such a cute,adorable subject!!!

robin said...

I have such a good looking family!! He is adorable. Good job Grammy!! Awesome shots!!