Monday, August 1, 2011

Double Trouble

For days The Kid had been telling me about the twin fawns he had spotted on our lane.  It seemed that every time he traveled the drive the babies could be seen frolicking in the grass with Mom nearby keeping a close watch on her offspring.  However, whenever I ventured into town the little ones were nowhere to be found.  It's not that I doubted the validity of his sightings; but I have to admit, I was beginning to question things when he saw them so often and I had failed to spot them at all.

And then one magical evening as I was headed into town there they were.  First one...


And then the other.


Initially they looked on with suspicion and bolted for the far end of the lane.  About this time I stopped the car and turned off the engine.  This seemed to intrigue the duo because they ceased running and slowly began making their way back towards the vehicle.  Curiosity had overcome over caution.


I sat quietly and observed for 15 minutes or so as the twins jumped and ran in a game of tag with rules known only to them and them crossed the gravel road and began nibbling on some tender young leaves suspended from low hanging branches.


Evidently Mom was hiding in the cover of nearby brush and decided play time was over. In tandem the duo suddenly stopped their play, turned tail and made tracks for the woods.


And just like that they were gone.

I have seen them once or twice since that evening but never for more than a few seconds.  Maturity has caused their instinctive fear of man to kick in and overcome the curiosity of youth.  But I'll always remember my 15 minutes with the duo "fawndly."

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Tim Logan said...

Thanks for sharing your story of the deer and I am glad you took shots with your camera instead of a gun.