Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Ipad Has Landed

The era of the Ipad has arrived.  It was a long time coming.  Our children are happy that we have finally succumbed and are embracing present day technology.  Our phones they say are outdated.  "No one uses flip phones anymore."  We don't text nor send and receive photos.  What can I say, we're cheap.  We have refused to pay outrageous fees for services we can live just fine without.  What's wrong with the dark ages anyway?

The change of heart began a couple of years ago when e-readers were introduced to the unsuspecting public.  (Even my 91 year old mother has a Kindle.)  I liked the idea that one small light-weight device could hold several books and slip easily into my purse for travel.  Yet still I resisted.  This year The Kid took matters into his own hands and Brown delivered a shiny new Ipad on Christmas Eve.

It is taking over my life.


The number of available aps is overwhelming.  When I finally commit to something there are 12 different versions of that something from which to choose.  Not wanting to waste the $0.99 cost of a down load I sit and sputter.  Analysis paralysis, that's what my friend would say.  Yesterday I spent two hours attempting to download a book from the local library.  At least it was free.  When victory was finally declared I realized that although I had won the battle I had no interest whatsoever in the book that was standing sitting on my cyber bookshelf.


Angry Birds and little green pigs have crawled under my skin and demanded my attention. There is currently a heated game of Scrabble underway with B causing the Scrabble dictionary to be within reach at all times.


I'm afraid I've caught the fever.

Now if only they would come up with an ap that would clean my house and cook dinner.

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