Monday, December 5, 2011

A Perfect World

In a perfect world:

  • Henna wouldn't run away.
  • My laundry would always be clean and folded.
  • The Kid would stretch his own hammies.
  • My grandchildren could spend the day whenever I wished.
  • Cookies would be diet food.
  • Procrastination would be considered a degree of excellence.
  • Christmas lights would stay on.
  • The Steelers would win every Sunday.
  • Toilet paper rolls would be replaced when empty.
  • The cottage would grow an extra bedroom.
  • Exercise would be fun.
  • Traffic would always be light.
  • The Post Office would forward Pottery Barn catalogues.
  • Bathrooms would be self-cleaning.
  • The sun would keep the pool a pleasant 84 degrees year round.
  • My coffee would be fresh brewed and waiting for me every morning.
It's not too much to ask.  Is it?


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