Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lights Out


Yesterday, bolstered by Christmas music humming in the background and a joyful heart, I completed the holiday decorating..... inside and out.  If you have been reading this blog for awhile (and I know how faithful the ten of you have been), you know I have struggled with this for the past couple of years.  But this year I determined things would be different.  The nudge to go "all out" coming from the highly anticipated arrival of house guests on Christmas Eve.

I battled the crowds at the local Wally World purchasing scented candles, yards of ribbon, and new wreaths for the windows.  The outside lights had been carefully placed before we went north for Thanksgiving.  Yesterday was all about ribbons and bows and wreaths and batteries.  (Would someone please explain to me how you can test the lights on the pre-lit wreath at the store but once you get it home and out of the box you find it won't work.  That it needs four D sized batteries, which of course means another trip to the store.  They should tell you these things....shouldn't they?)  We persevered and sometime mid-day proclaimed it finished.

As daylight faded we stood back to admire our handiwork.  Little white lights wound their way around palm trees and twinkled on the shrubbery We were proud of our accomplishments (remember we havent' done this in several years).  So proud that we strolled across the street and knocked on our neighbor's door.  Surely they too should witness the great light-up.  Soon a bottle of vino was uncorked and we drank a toast to our sparkling corner of paradise.

An hour later as I settled in for the evening, a contented smile firmly in place,  the telephone rang.  "Hey neighbor," the voice said.  "Your lights are out."  The lights.  Out!!  Already?  Surely not.

The spell was broken.  The mood was shattered.

When your lights go so goes your holiday cheer.

Bah Humbug.

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Audrey said...

Our prelit tree was put away last year (I think finally in early February!) with at least two strings of lights out. It is now sitting in the storage bags on the living room floor waiting to be revived for this year. I'm waiting for the motivation and energy - and patience - to tackle the tedious and frustrating job! Happy Holidays.