Thursday, April 11, 2013

Into The Mangroves


The moon and the stars aligned.

On a perfect Wednesday morning beneath a robin's egg blue sky and puffy white clouds our little boats were launched.


I had been wanting to do some kayaking, south Florida style, for several years.  But The Kid is not an adventurer when it comes to small boats and hot sun and I wasn't about to go it alone.  Not here.  Not where the weather can turn on a dime and the mangrove lined channels have more twists and turns than a 50 pound box of pretzels.

Here there is safety in numbers.  And so I waited.


And one day.


The moon and the stars aligned and the Dentist, the Art Teacher and the Photographer set sail across the wide expanse of bay.

Into the mangroves.


There is another world among the mangroves.


Silent.  Peaceful.  Calm.


At times the channel was so narrow there was no choice but to proceed single file.


Sun light slid through the trees casting shadows across the water.


A few crabs darted along submerged roots.  But there were others. (I'm convinced of it.)  Lurking in the safety of the shadows.  Watching our progress with curious eyes.


But the beauty was in the dance.

Of light and dark.

The tango of the sun on the tangled roots of the Mangrove.


And it was spectacular.

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