Monday, June 9, 2014

A Mexican Stand-Off


For the second year running Mama Bunny has determined the perfect spot to build her nest and raise her tiny brood is nestled against the side of Little Red.

There is only one problem.

Miss Henna is not fond of Mama Bunny.

Every time Mama B. returns to tend to her family Miss Henna raises a ruckus.  From her perch on the bunks she sounds the alarm, notifying all who dwell within that wildlife is encroaching on the homestead.

Mama B. stops dead in her tracks and it becomes a Mexican stand-off of sorts.

I have noticed Mama B. sneaking around.  Hiding behind car tires, sliding boards, tall grass and trees.  Hoping to make the last mad dash to her babies undetected by the barking hound.

It rarely works.

Something has to give.

I've tried talking with Miss Henna.  She won't have it.

I've tried talking to Mama B.  I have encouraged her to nurse the wee ones under the cover of darkness.  She won't have it either.  Her maternal rabbit clock is set to some unknown schedule and the reset button is kaput.

And so the drama continues.  Twice a day.

Living in the country is a war zone.

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