Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mow Bird Down

A strange phenomena occurs when the residents of Little Red arrive in the Land Where the Dandelions Grow.  Instead of spending their days in the confines of the cottage they step outside and embrace the out of doors.


The Kid in particular has developed an affinity for mowing.  He spends so much time on his tractors, yes there are two, that he has been dubbed "The Mow Bird" by our neighbors.  Not only does he mow our property but he is the self appointed grounds keeper of the BAA and keeps the lane trimmed to a respectable height.

Several days a week he fires up his tractor and can be seen bouncing along, lost in thought, intent on keeping the homestead neat and tidy.  There are times I am convinced he mows to avoid my chatter.

Two weeks ago things came to a crashing halt.

First the old Cub Cadet went down.  It's a relic of the past.  Its colors long faded.  Its ancient body riddled with rust.  But it mows, and is most often called in to service on rough terrain.

Two days later Big Orange went down.  With a 52" mowing deck and an engine that roars,  Big Orange is the powerhouse in The Kids fleet.

The old Cubby was shipped off to a near-by farm for an overhaul, while several "in-house" repairs were attempted on Big Orange.  Progress has been made.  Unfortunately, the problem looms larger than The Kid's ability to repair.  Off to the shop it must go.

In the mean rains.  

And rains.

And rains some more.

The grass grows

and grows some more.

And the Mow Bird?

He sits idly by, watching and waiting for the call that gets him back in the saddle again.

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Audrey said...

Oh I love this! I hope his fleet is back on the job very soon.

We may shortly have a battery powered push mower in our possession. Even though there is a service (?) that mows our lawn, the neighborhood is less than impressed with the quality of the work. Matters may soon be taken into our own hands......