Thursday, June 25, 2015

Enough Already


We had a one day reprieve from the rain.

One day.

Monday morning we awoke to the sun streaming through our bedroom window.  The sky was blue. Nary a cloud in sight.  It was so beautiful that I drug the kayak down from the barn and gave her a good scrubbing.  Unfortunately by the time the dinner bell rang storm clouds were gathering.


I drug the gleaming kayak back to the barn in the nick of time.  Just minutes before the deluge began.


I am convinced Mother Nature is sleeping at the switch or some heavenly prankster has mislabeled the switch. We are getting all of the wet stuff budged for 2015 in one month.  Shouldn't this be divied up a little better?  Spread out among the months in equal portions so as not to leave anyone out?  I say fire the bum.  Whoever is in charge of that switch needs to go.  We need an engineer or an accountant in charge.  Someone regimented.  Someone who plays by the book, not a free spirit with a penchant for practical jokes.

Enough already with the rain.

This rant brought to you by Noah & the Ark the Builders.


James Evans said...

Yea; someone playing a cruel hoax!

Audrey said...

I have a little flower garden that I slaved hours over to create. It just keeps getting beat up by the rain. It barely recovers from one storm before it's pummeled to death again by the next one! We have by now more than made up for the water deficit we were having in early spring. I, too, vote for spreading it out a little more evenly!!