Saturday, June 27, 2015



Have you ever noticed that in the natural world things seem to thrive in spite of extraordinary circumstances?  Take for instance these flowers.  They are growing with abandon on the lake shore, oblivious to the over abundance of water they have been receiving from above.

My garden, on the other hand, is in a sad state of affairs.  Drowning from the excessive amount of water.  No matter that it was planted in raised beds carefully constructed to allow for drainage during the wet times.  Six tomato plants have already bitten the dust and my peppers are on suicide watch, mere shadows of their former selves.  And don't even mention the basil!

And yet 200 feet to the west, nestled on the water's edge, inundated with the runoff of 30 days of rain, these sweet white flowers continue to bloom and grow, utterly content with their soggy lot in life.

There's a lesson here somewhere.

Maybe I'll figure it out...once it stops raining.

My brain functions at a much higher level when the sun is shining.

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