Tuesday, July 21, 2015

And the Livin is Easy

The rain has finally stopped, or at least diminished.  The sun is now presenting its warm glorious self with regularity.  Summer has arrived.

With it comes early morning paddles, evening dog walks down the lane, and boat rides on the lake.  Of late I have found myself taking up residence under one of the large maples settling comfortably into one of the Adirondack's, book in hand

Sometimes I close my eyes and listen.  A simple act, an attempt to increase my awareness of all that surrounds me.  I hear the hum of a motor as a little fishing boat scurries across the water, the loud screeching of the hawks that swoop and dive overhead, the rustle of leaves as the afternoon breeze kicks in.  There is the distant caw caw of crows on their latest scavenger hunt and the high pitched squeals of children on the far side of the bay.

The pace of life here slows in proportion to the heat of the day.  

After all it's summer time, and the "livin is easy."


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James Evans said...

"fish are jumping, and the cotton is high?"