Thursday, July 23, 2015

Come on Flickr, Give Me a Break

Flickr and I have had a partnership for quite some time.  It works like this...
I upload the photographs I determine are blog worthy to my Flickr site, copy the link, paste it here and voila you get to see the photograph as I intended.  For their part Flickr provides image storage and maintains the link that allows the photo to exist on the blog.

The whys and wherefores behind this is techno geeky stuff that I don't understand.  And in today's every changing electronic world it may also be antiquated.  But since 2008 (give or take a year) it has worked for me.  There have been glitches along the way that occur when Flick updates it's web site and I have to spend an inordinate amount of time searching their site for the bits and pieces I need that make it work for me.  In the end I have always found what they had hidden away and life goes on.

Until now.  Now they have done it.  Screwed the pooch, at least as far as I am concerned.  They have added a line in the html link that embeds the Flickr logo, my user name, and photo ID onto the photo I post.   Like this.


I spent a good hour one morning figuring out what the culprit was and eliminating it from the link.  The ship was righted once again.

But Flickr must have discovered that I had undone what they had done and now have done it again.

Now when I post a photo on the blog with the embedded message deleted from the link I get the image I want, free of Flickr advertising and my user name etc. but the words disappear.  It looks fine and dandy on the composition screen but as soon as I hit post all text that I typed below the photo is hidden from view.

Come on Flickr, give me a break.  This is a low down sneaky way for you to get free advertising from little old me who has a readership of six (yes, we are down to six now.  It's what happens when you quite blogging for months at a time).  And I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take anymore.

It may take me awhile to figure out how to get around this or find another web host for my photo's that won't take advantage of my good nature.

Until then please ignore the rather large Flickr logo embedded in my pretty pictures.

It isn't welcome.


James Evans said...

The case of "Flicking Flickin Flickr Fast & Furiously Far [away] Forever"

Audrey said...

Don't you just looooove technology?? (actually - yes..)