Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reef Knot

It was with some trepidation that we approached our new home for the week. The directions provided pointed us down a dirt road overgrown with pine and birch. It was a long two miles later when we found our designated driveway and as we inched our way along the narrow lane words were not needed. The looks we exchanged said it all. What have we done now?

And then we spied her and immediately began to relax. The little grins that had sprouted soon blossomed into wide smiles as we took in our new surroundings. Reef Knot sits perched high on a rocky bluff and nestled in among the pine and birch. (I don’t know if something can be nestled and perched at the same time but she is.) The waters of Kennebec Bay sparkled in front, Duck Cove to our right. Water on two sides? Amazing. (I'll post pictures of this later, the ones I have weren't very good.)

Reef Knot is everything the Man Camp wasn’t. It is homey. The furniture is old, but comfortable. The kitchen small, but well thought out and well stocked. This is a cottage designed and furnished by a family who use it. People who know where to place the furniture for optimal viewing of the activity on the water and who know how cold it gets when the sun dips below the horizon. (Our nights have been in the mid 40s.) Firewood was stacked under the porch with a note encouraging its use in the large granite fireplace.

The one draw back is that not only is there no internet, there is no television. However, other than missing the first day of college football (a tragedy for me) the absence of a tv has actually been rather pleasant. In fact last night we huddled in front of the fire and taught ourselves how to play backgammon.

And at the end of the day when it is time to retire, we warm ourselves in front of the dying fire and quickly scurry off to bed. As we sink into the comfort of down we can’t help but think that this just might be a better way to live. We have all of the creature comforts without the intrusion of the outside world.

Reef Knot is quiet, peaceful, scenic and serene.

However, if I had a chainsaw I would chop down a couple of these big trees and let the sunshine in to warm my shivering soul!


Bethany Patton said...

Looks nice guys, wish we were there.

Audrey said...

Looks like a perfect spot - just what you should find in Maine. (I love the moose sweatshirt.)

Peter said...

Hi, just saw your Blogg about the cottage we were thinking of renting! Would you mind sharing a little more advice about the surrounding area and the things to do? is it on the beach? how isolated is it!?