Friday, September 18, 2009

This morning I was up at 0dark:30. This was my last morning in Maine and I was determined to be on the dock when the sun and the lobstermen reported for duty. The sun was right on schedule but apparently the lobstermen didn’t get the memo. I found myself alone with my thoughts and my camera, mesmerized by the bright orange light blanketing the harbor. Within minutes the light softened to pink and then to gold illuminating the boats and buoys bobbing up and down in the bay like candles in the wind.

I thought I’d leave you with some images of our little cottage on the bay...

as well as some of the other summer homes that line the water’s edge.

When we arrived in Maine it was summer. I’m not certain when it happened but it is no longer summer in the northeast. Fall has arrived. I wish I could stretch our visit another two weeks so I could witness the final transformation from the greens of summer to the colors of autumn. But I must head south. I have friends to visit and I have a date with a little girl a week from Saturday to watch her first soccer game. That is something I wouldn’t miss for anything.

I have a few thoughts on the past month I would to share:

Favorite Cottage: Beach Walk (this week)

Favorite Town: Eastport

Best Day: Whale watching

Best Moment: Stumbling upon Mama Moose and her children

Favorite Food: Lobstah Rolls

Best Lobster Roll: Helen’s in Macchias

Most Pleasant Discovery: Most small (tiny) towns have libraries with WiFi

Best Library: Sorrento (it’s close)

Favorite Spot: Embdon Pond at sunrise

Best Memory: Laughing with old friends

Biggest Surprise: How far the tide fluctuates. (And how much money you can spend on lunch when you eat lobster every day!)

Best Place to Sleep: HOME

I would love to spend the entire summer here. The problem would be deciding between the mountains and lakes or the sea. Maybe next time we’ll just head west.

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Bethany Patton said...

Glad you guys enjoyed Maine. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!