Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Grandkids

We are home. We arrived safe and sound late Sunday evening. But not before spending 4 days with the grandkids. Those sweet little munchkins that I want to pile bricks on their heads just to keep them from growing up. It's just not fair how fast they grow.

Now this one.

This one talks non-stop. The only reason she isn't talking here is because she was busy giving me her cheesy can we hurry up and get this over with smile. This one needs a brick desperately. She now attends pre-school twice a week and plays soccer. (Play might be a bit strong of a word for what happened last Saturday, but more on that later.) And she berry loves her Grammy. She told me so herself.

And then there is THIS one.

He is non-stop motion. I do believe the only time he is still is when he is sleeping. And then I'm pretty certain he is dreaming about scaling Mt. Everest. He doesn't talk yet. At least not so you understand. He jibbers a lot, and squeels. Squeels real loud when things don't quite go his way. Which is rarely, because he's a charmer. He'll charm the socks right off of you, get the keys to your car and con you out of your credit cards before you know what hit you. All with a smile that will melt your heart.

On Thursday evening we attended soccer practice with Allie. She listened attentively to her coach. Did exactly what he said. Kicked the ball. Dribbled around cones. But aggressive she was not. At least not yet. Saturday was her first game. The big day dawned overcast and threatening. But that didn't dampen her spirits or her desire to don her "soccer dress." (Those are her words not mine.)

When we arrived at the park our little missy took her place on the field with the other players and this is the expression that stayed on her pretty little face until the final whistle blew. She walked, s l o w l y up and down the field following the play of the ball. When the ball came whizzing past her, the expression stayed in place and her pace remained slow and steady. Dad gave her a pep talk at half time but to no avail. Our little princess was overwhelmed and just not certain what was expected of her. I imagine things will change as she becomes comfortable with the coach and the game. If not, I'm afraid she will have to turn in her new red soccer dress and that won't make her happy at all.

Oh yea, he can charm the socks right off you. And you won't mind a bit.

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Terri said...

Susan, your grandkids are ADORABLE...and how wonderful you were able to visit and see the first soccer game! I totally agree with the "brick" granddaughter who just turned four is growing up FAR to fast...I want her to stay little! And, the soccer story...very similar to my granddaughter...I just don't think the girls (at least most of them) are very aggressive in sports at this age...

Enjoyed seeing of your travels recently and have added your blog to my google reader so I can stay your photos and am impressed with your amazing talent!!