Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moose Quest (AKA In Search Bullwinkle II)

As you know I am on a mission. I am searching high and low for moose, a moose, any moose. After all they are supposed to be plentiful in the north woods. Why just the other day one of the locals claimed he saw Bullwinkle hanging around the corner grocery store waiting for the morning delivery of Krispy Kremes.

But THIS is what I see:

Does he not look majestic in all of his winged glory?

When I saw this sign I thought maybe I was on to something.

I was convinced it was a summons calling all good moose in the vicinity to attend some sort of moose convention. You know, Attention Moose, the convention is now convening under the big Hemlock tree on the north side of the pond.

But I was mistaken. There was no convention, but I did find this:

He kind of looks like a giant Christmas yard ornament run amuck don’t cha think?

I really got excited when I spotted this on the side of the road:

It was living and breathing. It had four legs.

Ok so maybe it’s a bit small, but I think it was the runt of the litter. Yea, that’s it the runt of the litter.

However, in my eyes he looked like this:

Standing tall and proud on the side of the road. The biggest baddest dude in the great north woods.


grandma said...

I love it!!

grandma said...

grandma should read Judy H.

Bethany Patton said...

Okay, that's pretty good Grammy! A+ for creativity. Hoping to see a pic of a real moose soon...

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing animal! I've never seen one of those. -k-