Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Photographer

What do we have here? It appears that Santa (or U.P.S.) has made a pre-Christmas delivery to my house. That little blue box on the right looks particularly compelling. Perhaps I should take a closer look.

Could it possibly be a brand new Nikkor 24-70mm, f2.8 lens? The one that I have been pining for since Cindy introduced us last April? (Friends with more equipment than you can be both a joy and a curse.)

There doesn't appear to be a card on the package. Did Santa forget? The box is the right size for a lens. It's the right shape too. If I carefully removed the tape I could peek under the wrappings and no one would know would they? I wouldn't dare try that with the red box resting beside it. I know that there is enough tape on that package to keep 3M in business for years (I love ya B). But the blue one looks vulnerable.

Sigh...I'm too honest to peek. And besides I would suffer with the guilt for days. There would be gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands and I would out myself. So I will wait

But I won't like it.

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Susan Patton said...

You are so very funny!!! Hope the gifts are worth the wait. Love the pictures too!!!