Monday, December 7, 2009

Turkey Bowl Cruise, Part II

I realize I am tardy with an update on the cruise. I'm afraid the bug that came home with me from the Bahamas has taken a hefty toll. It has overtaken my decrepit body, sapped my energy and clogged my sinuses to the degree that a jack hammer may be needed to clear the way for fresh air. I have done little in the past 4 days than sit in the recliner and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. It is a sad life that I have been living. However, I have persevered and today I bring you Turkey Bowl Cruise, Part II.

To quote B, we WERE those people on the cruise. The ones with the matching shirts. I have to say they were met with little resistance when dolled out before dinner on Saturday evening. I think someone had leaked the news and the naysayers had time to adjust to the idea.

It was thought in some circles that we must have gotten a great deal on the neon green. But it was a good thing we stood out in the crowd. It made it easier for the late comers (the ones who couldn't get out of bed in time to catch the tender with the rest of the family) to find us on the beach. I prefer to think of it as good planning.

Everyone, with the exception of the two who were MIA and we won't mention any names, was in high spirits as we boarded the tender and headed to Great Stirrup Cay. This is Norwegian's private island and we knew we were in store for a fun filled day at the beach.

Gabers quickly spied the parasailers and put in his reservation with Mom.

The remaining troops gawked and giggled like a bunch of tourists. You really can't take them anywhere.

Em and Dad shared a smile

while Jodi and Alan looked on. Someone should have warned Alan about Jodi's reaction to sea creatures. Fortunately there were no stingrays in sight on this day.

It didn't take long for the younger crowd to hit the water. It was a little too chilly for my Florida bones, but no one else seemed to mind.

This is what vacation is all about.

Finally it was time for the annual Turkey Bowl. The big event of the weekend. This tradition was started when Patch (now 12) could barely hold a football. He sweet talked his uncle and southern cousins into a game and voila...a tradition was born.

It is a game that requires great skill and stamina. It pits brother against brother and is no place for the weak of heart.

Hey, someone quick blow the whistle..that's holding on the little guy!

Poor Gabers had to sit this one out with the women folk. Buck up little buddy, there's always next year.

Logan and Allie created elaborate sand castles and

Miss Em was buried in the sand.

Gabers and Gram spent some time together with the Creep Mousy. Someone left the stroller in SC, so Gram's chariot doubled as a ride for Gabers. I don't think this bothered either one of them one little bit.

Soon it was time for a family picture. The great grandkids saw to it that Gram made it to the waters edge.

And everyone got into position. However, this is what happens when you awaken a sunbathing stranger and ask them to take 1500 pictures of a group of 18 crazy people in neon green shirts with 10 different cameras, someone's head gets cut off.

We were all present and accounted for. All except one, and I think he was there too. Buried deep in all of our hearts and smiling because we did it. We actually pulled it off, a real Griswold family vacation, the Turkey Bowl Cruise 2009.

As the sun set on the last evening there was talk of doing it again. I don't know about that, but

I can just about guarantee what the talk will be around the dining room table on Thanksgiving Day 2010 in dreary western PA.


jodi said...

a few tears there at the end...
Great pictures! Even better time!
While I was an original naysayer...(I've been a naysayer since way back...)I am so glad we were able to do this!
When I tell friends what we did, they put it in perspective for me! Wishing they could have had a vacation with their Gram, too.
Even with Nanny and her drinking problem, we all had a blast!
And, as far as I can tell, Alan is sticking around!

Amy said...

I agree 100% with my sister in law, Emily has not stopped talking about it, and JR has said a few times that Pap would have loved it and that is why we had such great weather he was smiling down on all of us with pride.
Love to all and we miss you.