Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's That Time of Year

The past few days have found me taking a look back at last year's blog posts. I laughed a little, smiled a lot and even gave a silent amen to a photo or two that looked particularly good to me in hind sight. And then I thought it might be fun to share it all with more time.

I really wanted to put a slick slide show together. Set it to music and really wow you with my talent. Sadly I'm not that talented. I waited too long to start (must put stop procrasinating on my list of resolutions for 2010) and since I didn't know how to do it I was forced to settle for the next best thing, a very long list of photos. I tried very hard to limit myself to two pictures from each month. Once again I failed and in some cases failed miserably. So, sit back, relax and pour yourself a cold's not going to be a short trip.

We started 2009 with our first cruise of the year, a long awaited vacation to the Panama Canal in January.

Allie and Gabers paid us a visit in February and brought their parents along with them.

Our Moms also spend some time soaking up the Florida sunshine in February and my sister, not one to be left out, joined them in early March.

Also in March a visit to Shark Valley.....

and a visit from Robin & Jim.

April found me flying high above Marco.

and Doug confined to his recliner from those now infamous softball injuries.

We took to the high seas again in May and made our way to Bermuda.

had dinner with the Freys in their (soon to be) new house,

and I convinced Katie to pose for me. My first non family photo shoot.

In June we were Alabama bound,

there was an alligator in the canal

and wild flowers on Marco.

Henna and I signed up for obedience classes. She passed, I did not.

Gabe and Allie came calling again in July. We celebrated Gaber's first birthday,

and hit the beach with Mom & Dad, Uncle Chris & Aunt Jen Jen.

There was even fish for dinner.

K made her annual pilgramage to Marco and was introduced to No Seeums and

I spent a few days in SC with the grandkids where they freely dispensed some back yard wisdom. Whew July was certainly busy.

In August we hit the road. This is where it got extremely hard to pick only a couple of photos for the month. August and September where chock full of fun and family. It was hard to choose.

There were brief stops in Nashville and KY before a much longer stay in Pennsylvania. We spent time with both sides of the family and even ventured to Pittsburgh to take in a Pirate baseball game.

All too soon we left Pennsylvania behind and made our way north to Maine. I fell in love and hope one day to return.

While there we reconnected with old friends.

September rolled around far to quickly and that's when I saw my first real, live moose.

We moved from the inland lakes to the Maine coast and ate lobster rolls for lunch every day for a week.

Soon it was time to head south, but not before a stop in CT and a visit to NYC and Ground Zero.

We ended our road trip in SC and had the pleasure of witnessing Allie's first soccer game. She is our princess, but she was not the star of the game.

No sooner did we arrive home when October knocked and we set sail again. This time to the Caribbean to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of our good friends the Freys.

October also included the opening of the Artist Colony at the Esplanade.

It seemed November was on the scene in no time at all but I did manage to schedule an early morning photo walk on the beach.

and then the big event of the year took place...The Turkey Bowl Cruise.

And that brings me to December. I experimented in the digital dark room and did some artistic soul searching.

and now I'm going to wish you a Safe and Happy New Year.

Good-bye 2009 - Hello 2010


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable review of your year. Do I have time to do that in the one day remaining to me in 2009? Doubt it. Happy New Year!

Life in Color said...

Go for it k!

Susan Patton said...

Oh, I love any year in review, especially when accompanied with fabulous photos. Well done, Susan! Can't wait to see what 2010 holds for you :)

Terri said...

Susan, you are truly a talented all areas...the year in review is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed "traveling" along with you through 2009! Here's to an even better 2010 for you and your family!

Bethany Patton said...

Whew, I'm tired after reading it all! You guys sure do keep busy.