Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ever since that fateful day in November when my neighbor commented on my "professional photographer" status I have been in flux, a state of confused self evaluation and exploration. I am happy to report that forward progress has been made. I have reached a place that allows me to accept (albeit reluctantly) the adjective professional placed before the noun photographer.

Last week I spent several hours going through the exercise of writing an artist's statement, asking myself questions and putting pen to paper to record the answers. In the process I have discovered the following:
  1. I love color.
  2. I enjoy the advantages that the digital darkroom affords me. And, I make no apologies for venturing into the endless possibilities that is Photoshop and the many plug-ins that accompany it. Photography purists have their place in the world. It's just not my place.
I know what you are thinking...what's the big deal? We knew that about you a long time ago. And so did I. Now I accept it.

Acceptance is good.

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Anonymous said...

How appropriate that your accompanying photo is an image of a journey. You could have layered it with fireworks, too! -k-