Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Do You Do It?

How does one fit five adults and two children into 800 sq. ft. and one bathroom for four days?

All egos are checked at the door along with the need for privacy.  A sense of humor is a must.  The rough edges are sanded smooth with laughter and an occasional step outside for a breath of fresh air.  A turn on the swings with the little ones is an added bonus.

The little red cottage appears to thrive on the chaos.  So much so that eight more are added for dinner. Her aging walls magically expand to accept each addition.  Marbles are scattered willy nilly across the floor mixed together with discarded crayons and the ever present video game.  Blankets and pillows are piled high in the corners, dishes accumulate in the sink.  A warming fire dances on the hearth and laughter fills every corner.

Somehow it works.

As this Thanksgiving holiday draws to a close and the little red cottage slowly empties, a quiet air of contentment fills her once bulging spaces.


I think I see her smiling.

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