Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road Trip in Review

She may be 90 years young but she's always up for an adventure.  That's why I had to be certain in my mind that the trip wouldn't be too much for her; had to be sure before even mentioning it because as expected, when I did, she jumped on it without a minute's hesitation.

A road trip to NC to visit S, B and the grands was soon a reality.


We left early on a Thursday morning, in the dark and dodging rain drop as suitcases were loaded into the car.  The weather was far from promising but scenes like this were prevalent as we made our way south through West Virgina.



She was a trooper, watching wide eyed as the miles rolled by, eagerly drinking in the sights as one parched from forced confinement might.  The hours passed quickly as we rolled along reminiscing about the last time she traveled these highways.


We arrived in Hickory to hugs and kisses from two excited kiddos.


We were privileged to pick up Miss A from kindergarten;


watch cartoons with the G-man and his snugnuts;


enjoy some quiet time with B;


and walk the tracks with S.


All too soon it was time to say our farewells and point the car north.

We had five great days.  Five days that passed far too quickly.  Five days of fun.   Five days of memory making all around.

When we arrived home, we were BOTH exhausted.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your trip very much.

Bethany Patton said...

Why is it you always talk about how exhausted you are after visiting????

Life in Color said...

I know, you do all the work and I'm the one exhausted. Three words B....Gabe, Allie, Steps!!