Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Old


They beckon me.  Draw me in on wings of age and decay and wonder.  These structures of times gone by.

It was during the great family photo shoot that my eye wandered.  To broken glass.  To weeds meandering with abandonment.  To bricks warding off decay like ageing centuries guarding the palace.

A million stories are woven throughout this tapestry of decay and ruin.  This blight upon the landscape. What transpired behind these walls?  What was created here?  Who were the people laboring within?  Where are they now?  And why?  Why was it left to fade and crumble?

Where others see blight,  I see beauty.  And charm.  And grace.

And I want to know its story.


Audrey said...

Nice post. Nice picture.

Tim Logan said...

I am working on the flooring of our pergola with bricks that came from the old mill that Dad worked at and Marla's mom. The mill was torn down and bricks over 100 years old were sold. As we sit on the pergola they continue to tell us stories of old.