Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Wishes

I missed a phone call early yesterday morning.  I was startled by the early hour, even more so when it was revealed the caller was my mother.

Atlantic coast, Barbados

Receiving a call before 9:00 AM from my mother never bodes well.  Either she was ill or more than likely there was drama at the manor.  Minnie had probably thrown Mom's bath basin again in a fit of rage because the bathroom wasn't restored to  its usual pristine condition soon enough to please her.  Or perhaps the gentleman down the hall was spotted pushing his girlfriend around in her wheelchair at an unacceptable hour.  "You know they must be up to no good.  Where could they possibly be going at this time of day?"

Curiosity (and concern) got the best of me and like the dutiful daughter I am I returned the call.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  Good morning.  What's up?

Mom:  Oh good morning.  I just called to wish you happy birthday.

Me:  Thank you.  But it isn't my birthday.

Mom:  It's not?

Me:  No, Wednesday's my birthday.

Mom:  No it's not.  Today's the 11th.

Me:  That's right and Wednesday is my birthday.

Mom:  It is?  Are you sure?  Today is the 11th.

Me:  Mom, my birthday is Wednesday, the 13th.  Or at least that's when you told me it was my whole life.

Mom:   Giggling.  Oh that's right, it is the 13th isn't it?

Me:  Don't you know?  After all you gave birth to me.

Mom:  More giggling.  I think I'm confused, I could have sworn it ws the 11th.

It's pretty bad when your own mother can't remember you birthday.

However she did remember to tell me that Minnie was in the bathroom six times yesterday.

My future is bright after all.


Judy H. said...

Happy Birthday, a day early!

Resha said...

Today is Feb 13 - Happy happy birthday to you dear friend. Though our paths don't seem to cross like they did or I'd like, I know we can still pick up where we left off....wishing for that time!! Hope you've seen some pics of our little joy bundle..growing so fast!! Love you bunches!! Glad your ship made it back!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! It is February 13th and I wish you a wonderful day. And I love the story with your mother - I had the wrong date for my grandson's birthday and he's only 2! I guess it is different though when it is your own mother.....Have a great day. I'm glad you're back.