Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sad State of Affairs

Before I left on our two week adventure to the Caribbean I was a blogging machine.  In the groove.  Hitting on all four cylinders.  The sun was shining and I was making hay.


And now.


The well has gone dry.

I suppose I could share that they served spaghetti AGAIN at the Manor for Sunday dinner.

Or that The Kid was on jury duty last week and threw the book at the crook.  Not to be confused with throwing the book at the cook which he wouldn't dream of doing.

I might mention that the southern belles of the BAA have stepped their walking up a notch.  They kicked it into high gear, picked up the pace and extended their route.  Then promptly took two days off.  Wouldn't want to over do it you know.

That reports indicate work on Little Red is progressing.  There has been talk of sheet rock and kitchen cabinets that are on order.

And that when the design team was sent in for an inspection the locks had been changed.

I could also tell you how cold it has been here the past two days.  There was talk of sweatshirts, heat and hot soup.  But I'm afraid that with that tidbit I would see twelve (thank you Resha) pair of eyes rolling in unison at my plight.  So I have decided not to mention the frigid 50 degree weather.

No I'll keep that sad state of affairs to myself.


Resha said...

I'm sure that dry well will be filled again in no time! Hey, we've even had some snow flakes here...twice!! You just never know!

Grammy said...

You poor thing...50 degrees!! How are you surving!! It was 10 degrees here today, with lots of wind, I might add!! No I won't roll my eyes at you I will just throw something at you and as I sit here with bubba she suggested I throw a snowball at you!! Love and miss you!!!