Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Girl


It's been awhile since home girl has graced the pages here.  I thought it time she and I had a little photo shoot.

Last night I had a great blog post rattling around in my head.

This morning?

Poof.  Gone.

I hate when that happens and I am reminded that I am no longer thirty.

On a side note, our internet is indecisive and testy of late.  It comes.  It goes.  Can't seem to make up it's mind if it wants to work or not.  But I think I'm going to get lucky this morning and get this thing posted.

Oh, and one last thing.  Today is The Kid's birthday.   Happy Birthday Babe...I love you.


Judy H. said...

Wonder if the internet thing is state wide? Sister in Dade City has same problem. lol Happy Birthday D. Today is John's b'day, too. He always said all good people were born in Feb.!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Doug!!

Marcie said...

What a sweet and beautiful girl!!! And - happy birthday to your boy!