Friday, February 22, 2013

The BAA and Skinny Jeans

After I referenced the "southern belles of the BAA" in Monday's post, The Kid reminded me that most of you probably have no idea what I am referring to when I mention the BAA.  I thought I had covered that little item in a previous post but after a thorough search of the archives it appears that I did not.

One half mile down this country lane lies the BAA.


The magical little world where we discovered Little Red three summers ago.   It has also been referred to on these pages as the "The Place Where the Dandelions Grow."

The BAA received its name many years ago by the then teenage daughter of one of the residents.  It stands for Bay Area Association and means absolutely nothing to anyone except those who reside within its borders.  Nestled along the shore of our quiet lake are three year-round homes, three summer cottages (two of which are uninhabited & falling into disrepair) and Little Red.

It is inhabited for six months each year by four pair of 60-somethings:  The Dentist & The Art Teacher, The Coach (a.ka. the Sheriff) & the Accountant, The Colonel & The Principal; and of course The Mower & The Photographer (that would be me in case you were wondering), two dogs, two cats, a flock of wild turkeys, and a gaggle of Canadian geese that varies in size from year to year but is omnipresent.

The BAA is a tranquil place, its occupants fun loving and friendly.  As the newbys, The Kid and I were welcomed with open arms and soon found ourselves ensconced in the day to day of BAA life.    Community business is usually settled on early morning walks along with a myriad of other issues including decorating dilemmas and who's bringing what to the next dinner.

Seventy-five percent of the neighborhood packs up and heads south for the winter...south as in southwest Florida.  And you can imagine our surprise to learn that the Dentist & the Art Teacher are also our neighbors on Marco.  We live a mere two miles apart and never knew of each other prior to our move to the BAA.  And you guessed it, Florida is now known as BAA south.

The ladies of the BAA have been referenced here on many occasions and exist under several pseudonyms i.e. The 7 AM Walkers, The Design Team, The Apron Ladies, BAA Babes Salvage and the Belles of the BAA.  They make salvage runs in the rain to rescue hundred year old doors from the trash truck and are known for their day long forays into the hinterlands in search of buried treasure  where there is always ice cream on the menu.  They make community decisions regarding mother of the groom dresses and are dog walkers extraordinaire.

And there you have it.  The BAA in a nut shell or should I say a blog post.  The stage has been set.  You know the whys and the wheres of it and you know the players.  But, since it has taken me five days to get this post written I'm afraid you are going to have to wait another day or two to get the rest of the story.

To be continued....

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