Monday, September 15, 2014

A Hummer Of A Summer

It has been a hummer of a summer here at Little Red.


In June I purchased a bright, red, glass hummingbird feeder and suspended it in the maple tree outside the kitchen window.

It worked like a charm and the little hummers took to it like bees to honey.


In fact it worked so well that a few weeks later I tossed the old red plastic model that hung from a shepherd's hook on the lake side of Little Red, replacing it with a similar green model.

I questioned the clerk upon purchase.  I wasn't convinced that a green bottle would grab the attention of the little birds in the same fashion the red one did.  She assured me the birds would find it.

And find it they did.

We soon found ourselves thoroughly entertained by the aggressive little buggers at all hours of the day and evening.

They were sipping their sugary brew at 5:45 AM while I was enjoying my first coffee of the day.

They were still there at 9:00 PM getting one last gulp before the bar closed for the night.  I swear they are addicted.

Heaven help me if the bottle ran dry.  The would fly right up to the window, flap their little hummer wings and chirp like looney birds in an attempt to grab my attention.  It never failed to work.

And talk about aggressive!  These tiny creatures were so aggressive that they swooped in like kamikaze pilots if we attempted to sit in the chairs near the feeder.  The distinct hum of their rapidly moving wings the only advance warning of an oncoming attack.


About two weeks ago we noticed they were gone.  The newly filled feeders sat idle and untouched for several days.

I can only assume our tiny friends have taken off for points south.

I guess they need to get a head start since they have a long trip ahead of them.  You know, that short wing span and all.

Have a safe trip little hummers.

We'll see you on the flip side.

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