Friday, September 12, 2014

It Was A Very Good Week

It is Friday and looking back I can honestly say it was a very good week.


There were early morning walks and two kayak paddles.  It seems we are choosing paddles over walks more and more often.  Partially because it is both beautiful and invigorating on the lake at 7:30 a.m. and partially because we know our paddle days are numbered as October marches ever closer.

My foot has improved dramatically.  I have my two month check up on Monday and have high hopes of getting paroled from the athletic shoe prison for time served.  It is not yet 100%, more like 85%, but oh so much better than a month ago.

I helped a friend serve a luncheon for a good cause.

A ton of stone (literally) was delivered on Tuesday and we are one step closer to my vision of a flagstone sidewalk becoming a reality.  If this project goes well there may be a flagstone patio on the project list for next summer.

I survived a dinner party.  I don't know if you can call two additional people a party but I survived none-the-less.  We had a wonderful evening visiting with our new, old friends and even managed to get out on the lake for a little boat ride.

It only rained one day.

My Pirates aren't out of the play-off picture just yet.  Hope springs eternal.

It was a very good week.


I have enormous expectations for next week.  My oldest (in friend years) and one of my dearest friends is coming for a visit.  There is a Pirate game on tap (which was the carrot we dangled last April to get this party started) and hopefully a couple of sun filled days to make it perfection.

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