Monday, September 8, 2014

Ready Or Not

Ready or not it is coming.


In spite of my best effort at denial fall is rapidly approaching.  Much like a runaway steam locomotive on a downhill track it is gaining more speed by the minute and will soon be pulling into the station.  It's arrival announced by heralds clad in brilliant shades of red and yellow and orange.

I find it hard to believe that summer is almost in the history books.  But there is no denying the shortening of the days or the leaves that are beginning to gather beneath the Maple trees.  Soon a fire will be blazing inside of Little Red and we will be waking up to frost on the last of the Hydrangea blossoms.

In short order the car will be packed and pointed south.

But I refuse to get ahead of myself.  There is still a lot of living left to do before the sun sets on the summer of 2014.

And I plan to savor every minute.

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