Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It Is The Way Of Things

There were two pair of geese in the cove this morning.

I am somewhat surprised as it is the time of year when they begin to gather in large flocksin preparation for the long flight south.

It is also goose season.

As much of a nuisance as they are with all of that pooping,

I hate to hear the sound of gun shot.

I hate to think that one of our residents is now missing its mate.

But it is the way of things.

The sound of gun shot also means the geese will disappear for a spell.

They have an uncanny ability to high tail it to protected areas during our short goose hunting season,

reappearing when the all clear sign is given.

I look forward to their return,

to hearing the honking and the whoosh of feet hitting water announcing their arrival in the cove.


And then I too will begin to gather my flock and prepare for the long flight south.

It is the way of things.

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