Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is K.  She is one of my BFFs.  (I may not look like a kid, but I know the lingo!)

K visits me on Marco every summer.  It wouldn't be July if K didn't spend a few days recharging her batteries with us.  This year she almost didn't make the trip.  But cooler heads prevailed and she arrived on schedule.  

We don't do a lot when she visits.  Well, we talk a lot.  At least D thinks so.  (His testosterone saturated brain just does not compute the need we women have to chat with our friends.)  We do however manage at least one trip to the beach for sunset.  It's tradition.  The sunset wasn't spectacular on this night but the company was. 

K had her first encounter with No-Seeums on this visit.  Her education was swift and comprehensive.  So much so that she could pen her own blog post about those pesky little critters.  

She also had an encounter with another pesky little critter that evening.

The Pooperazzi.

Put a camera in his hand and he just doesn't know when to stop.

K is also somewhat conflicted.  (Did you notice the Auburn shirt and the Bo Sox hat?) Seriously, just who does she believe in?

For a southern girl this Bo Sox thing she has going on just doesn't compute.  I know that she is a baseball fan (atic).  Heck her entire family is baseball crazy.   They actually plan family vacations around visits to Major League Baseball parks.  I think it's a sickness.  But I'll overlook it.  

After all, she is one of my bestest BFFs.

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Anonymous said...

K. should love this posting on a special BFF. I want to post a piece on my BFF one day (the one on Memphis didn't quite fit my idea of a tribute to a friend of 50 years!) I hope it will capture the warmth I feel toward her and the fun we have together, just as yours about K. does.