Friday, July 10, 2009

They Came, They Charmed, They Conquored

The past two weeks are a bit of a blur.  It has been a whirlwind of family, beginning on the Monday before the 4th when Allie and Gabers kidnapped their Mom and hopped a plane for Marco. If you will allow me a little Grandmotherly indulgence, there are no cuter or sweeter children in the entire world than these two.  Seriously, who could possibly resist these faces?

The weather was a bit iffy for the first couple of days of their visit but it didn't prevent Pappy and Allie from attempting a little fishing in the canal.  Three year olds just aren't cut out for the rigors of Jack fishing if you get my drift.  Once the line was cast and the waiting began the magic was over.  She has some growing to do before she can join her parents, Uncle Chris and Aunt Jen Jen on one of their off-shore marathons.

We enjoyed every moment of our week together.  

We played on the beach, hit the spray park and spent hours in the pool.  

There is nothing like a morning at the beach or the pool to tire you out for a long afternoon nap.  I'm not sure what the kids did while we were napping but all was in good order when we awoke.

There was time for reflection

and giggles.

Playdough and

and Grammy's too.

It was a wonder filled start to our two week event.  S who was slated to arrive on the 3rd surprised his family and showed up two days ahead of schedule.  There was fishing on his mind, but more about that in a few days.  Today is about my babies.  The two sweetest children on the planet.

Don't you agree?

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jodi said...

I love the pictures! I especially love the one of Gabe and Uncle Doug driving the boat. It made me smile a sad, remember when kinda wasn't too long ago that Patrick was perched in that very spot...and then Logan...
Looks like you had a great week!