Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabers

It's official.  My baby is no longer a baby.  I'm not certain what he is exactly since he isn't walking yet.  I guess it doesn't matter.    What is important is that he has reached the milestone of his first birthday and Grammy is both happy and sad.  

Sad because days like this are gone forever.

I had the privilege of being present on the day of his birth.  I will never forget the look of pride on his father's face when he introduced his son to us for the first time.

It was a happy day.  Except maybe for Allie.  Her little world had just tilted and was forever changed.  But she stepped up to the plate and welcomed her baby brother as if he had always been there.  A reflection of the sweet little girl that she has become.

We all savored the day.  It wouldn't last forever.  Before we knew it five weeks had flown by and our little man had changed.

And with every passing day the changes continued.  He grew.  He developed his own personality.  And he began to interact with the people around him who loved him dearly.

He spent his first Thanksgiving in the frigid hinterland of western PA.  He met his northern family and charmed them with his sweet smile.

He began to crawl and his sister's apple juice became too tempting to resist.  

His world expanded and he soon found out that there was very little he couldn't reach.  

Where oh where did the year go?  

How can it be that my baby has become this adorable one year old?  .

I couldn't possibly love him any more.   He is perfect in every way.

Happy Birthday Gabers.

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Anonymous said...

Susan, this is the sweetest post ever! I can see him reading this in a few years. It will mean the world to him. -k-