Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog Training 102

I know that you are eagerly anticipating an update with regard to Henna's and my (is that grammatically correct) obedience training.

I am delighted to inform that we are both progressing quite nicely. We are fast approaching our final class and the news is good. For the past two weeks our little girl has been the star pupil. It's amazing. It is as if someone turned on the light in her head and she gets it. She gets that if she does what is expected there is a juicy reward for her. And she does it willingly and successfully over and over again. At least while attached to a 6 foot lead.

And to reward the little student for her effort we spent some time the other day playing catch in K-K-K Katy's back yard. (It happens to be enclosed by a nice little fence!)

She loves running free in the grass, free from that 6 foot lead, free from expectations to perform, free to be dog.

Don't you just love the way those cute little ears bob up and down when she's running?

When she tired of the game I thought we should test her new found skills while off leash. Off leash and free to make her own decisions.


That's right. Look over here.

Come on on girl, you can do it. That's it. Over here. I have a juicy bite of hot dog waiting for you.

Ahhh Ohhhhhh

I guess we all make bad decisions once in ahwile. I wonder if there is space available in the remedial class?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love it. I wonder what Henna's blog post about obedience school would say? That would be a fun post to write, and read! -k--

Life in Color said...

Great idea K. I'll have to give that some thought.