Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mouths of Babes

One afternoon last week while getting dressed to hit the pool with our water baby,  Allie wandered into the bedroom and stood looking at me lost in thought.  Finally she began poking my thigh and inquired quite innocently "Grammy why you have crumbles?"  

Out of the mouths of babes, honest words are always spoken.  I explained that Grammy had crumbles because she was old and chubby.   This seemed to satisfy her but I have to admit I was pretty upset when she later informed me that Mawmaw does not have crumbles.

There is something just not right about that.


Bethany Patton said...

Thanks for the laugh...again.

This weekend she kept asking my mom why she folds her panties. Gotta love the things they say.

We miss you guys. See you July 23rd??

jodi said...

old and chubby? Please!