Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're Having a Heat Wave


How can it be so hot by day that one can fry eggs on the sidewalk yet cool enough by night to have one reaching for a cover?  However it is, I am truly thankful.

Afternoons have been good for only one thing this week.  Napping.  Just ask The Kid.

The heat wave is expected to vacate the premises overnight tonight allowing temperatures in the low 80s to move in and set up camp well into next week.

I'm putting out the welcome mat.  How about you?


Judy H. said...


Audrey said...

Yes indeed!

Marcie said...'s hot!!! Altho today is feeling a bit cooler. What gorgeous light in that image.

Maery Rose said...

So sad that my week off was the weather week from hell. Now that I'm returning to work, a cool down? Oh, well. Better too late than never.