Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blue Light Special


Last night at sunset, due to cloudy skies and some sort of meteorological something or other, the late day light was blue.  After the sun sets the light is always blue but this was much earlier than normal and much more blue.  In spite of a state of painter's exhaustion I couldn't resist.  It took a few minutes to locate my camera and tripod in the midst of the rubble of  the cottage (four days of painting and only half way there) and ventured outside.

As the light grew dimmer the shutter speed slowed.  A slow shutter speed will blur anything and everything in motion and isn't always a good thing.  But with water it can make for some beautiful and surreal photography.  In the image above, the shutter was open for 10 seconds.  If this were a fast moving stream the water would have appeared as a soft cloud of cotton candy.  On this night our lake was still, lending the water more of a silky appearance.

Either way, I'm buying.

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Anonymous said...

Exceptional photo! I like that you added how it was done.